In an effort to keep WorkOPlace a healthy place for everyone to work and to avoid becoming a COVID hot spot we ask that if you are feeling sick, have a fever or cough that you refrain from coming into WorkOPlace.  Please let us know immediately so that we can ensure the proper cleaning measures & contact tracing. Since WorkOPlace doesn’t want you to be penalized for keeping everyone else safe, we will arrange for a prorated credit of your monthly fees until you are able to return safe and healthy.

Precautionary & Safety Measures:

  • Our Premises are fumigated and sanitized rigorously on a continuous basis.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed at the entry points and at all key places inside our Premises.
  • A Thermal scanner is present at all our centres. This will check the body temperature. Anybody with a body temperature above 98.6 °F will be directed for a medical check-up.
  • Our housekeeping staff has increased the frequency of the cleaning schedule. We are also sanitizing door handles and work desks.
  • All members are asked to self-assess EACH DAY before coming to WorkOPlace and if feeling the least bit sick or exhibiting any symptoms, to refrain from coming into the space. WorkOPlace will offer you a pro-rated credit for missed time in the interest of keeping all other members healthy.
  • Glasses, Ceramic mugs, plates and cutlery are perfectly safe to use. Do NOT hand wash… Please ensure that you place your used items DIRECTLY into the dishwasher which will be run on HOT (with soap of course) to kill all virus and bacteria. Please try to only touch dishes that you will use. Rubber gloves will be worn when emptying the dishwasher.
  • These safety measures are equally applicable to the guests of the Members to the extent possible.
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