Brand New Coworking Space

We have a coworking desk for the freelancer, a workspace office cabins for a small team and we provide customized private office spaces for betwixt and between.


A unique hanging table open desks are designed to kindle creativity. And when you work in open desks there are possibilities you can meet your next client, investor, co-founder, employee or a friend. Most importantly WorkOPlace is here for you to be more productive and successful. We have a growing and influential community that helps to grow together.

Private Space

We offer private work cabins and recognize how important it is for a growing team to have their own space. Our private office spaces meets the requirement for those professionals looking to work in a coworking community but with an enclosed office of their own. We believe our private spaces are your business growth points, hence we encourage co-branding at your private offices.

Customized office Spaces

Buying the office and customizing it as per the requirement is quite costly. So get rid of traditional large investments and get your dedicated office as you need! Our offices are designed attractively with the bright color combination, tasteful decoration. You can also personalize own space with your belongings in your budget.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms play a vital role in striking any deal. Our meeting rooms provide an atmosphere that facilitates efficient and absolute gatherings.

We’ll ensure your meetings run smoothly where you and your guests’ needs are always met.

We provide options to choose from in various sizes to meet your needs. All of our meeting room features:

State-of-the-art audio/visual presentation equipment
Best-in-class ambiance
Access to copier, printer, and scanner
High-speed internet

Membership Plans

WorkOPlace provides you with various options for memberships by giving what you want without going over your budget. Our memberships plans are designed with flexibility and affordability in mind. As per your own ideal space.

Whether you wish to work in open space or private cabins, we got all of it as per your budget. Membership includes access to communal spaces and amenities.

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