New Shades of Coworking

Coworking space is no longer about a brick and mortar architectural bliss,It is about being engulfed in the omnipresence of a community spirit that motivates one to Learn, Assist, Teach and to Grow.

Startup Centre

Our mission is “Shaping the future of Coworking”. As Techies and business leaders, we understand the push a startup leader looks for. WorkOPlace provides incubation and business consultations for budding entrepreneurs to succeed in realizing their business dreams. Please reach us out for more exciting information.

Networking Events

A self-organized professional network with a cluster of common interests would influence and help in the business journey. Undoubtedly, this is the need of the hour for every young CEO. At your private office, possibilities of meeting new brains and business thoughts are limited. Whereas, Coworking spaces open up countless opportunities to meet business professionals to be your future mentors, clients or partners.

WorkOPlace being founded by techies, synthesized with organization incubation and growth experience, we know-how connectivity with business community impacts the growth of an organization or individual. Hence, we organize seamless networking meetings, seminars and independent consulting forums that help you to cross every business milestone.

Client Engagement

WorkOPlace is a human-centric brand relationship coworking place. We provide a seamless omnichannel customer engagement platform for all coworkers. Our Client engagement model consists of scope for personalization, Technology-driven operations, partnering the growth by involving our clients and building genuine relationships. We take care your workspace needs.

Business Learning Session

Business learning session fosters a productive work environment and enhance knowledge. We understand for startups and moderate entrepreneurs office space and learning sessions are extravagant but valuable. WorkOPlace aim to be your supportive partner in your business success not just a workspace provider. We organize periodic business skills learning and development sessions, incubation process seminars, technological workshops, Angel investors meetings and health & fitness sessions.

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