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Co-working Space to cope with Covid-19 crisis

No doubt the on-going COVID -19 pandemic has left businesses financially battered. To prove this point we need no Economist, just a simple WhatsApp community study will help us understand the gauge of damage the on-going crisis has brought into the once-booming start-up industry, some proudly called the unicorns and others who are on the way to becoming one.

The Pandemic hit the world like a Tornado without warning, leaving no room for an escape plan; the business community now has no options but to wade through this crisis for months, in some cases even years, learning to survive and conduct business in a world consumed by fear of Covid – 19.

Shared Co-working spaces such as WorkOPlace, have put practices in place to address the Pandemic Phobia, right from finances to hygiene concerns.

1. Pocket-Friendly Zone:

For many, a start-up, the rent alone constitutes 10% to north of 40% and a humongous deposit (10*) disguised as a safe deposit with no access to the locker, to add salt to wound the rental expenses of traditional office space does not factor in the on-going COVID crisis.

However, WorkOPlace while drawing its business model has factored in the pain points starting from a freelancer typically spending Rs.300 to Rs.500 daily to work out of a coffee shop, a start-up who is tied down to his rental commitments independent of his business performance and the major players in the market who have just signed that big contract and is on a speed hiring process.

To help job creators wade through the COVID crisis, WorkOPlace jotted down a contract with a convenient price point which simply says use our desks, internet, recreational facilities, board rooms feel like home, Just keep us posted on your business swings we will facilitate your momentum from a soft spot to hard rock without blinking an eye. This is all that I need to feel at home, I am sure all business owners would agree to the same.

2. Sharing Resources:

Hiring resources such as office help, Purchase and upkeep of kettles to printers, and clearing mounting electricity bills are sure signs of diminishing financial resources, which is a point to rethink given the COVID crisis. WorkOPlace is committed to creating a “win-win” for independent professionals and small businesses, providing a premium office space at a pocket-friendly price tag.

3. Building Network:

The Covid – 19 crises have clean slated many a business, making new contact building and sharing manpower an essential measure to wade through the current economic turmoil. Though digital media has claimed the throne for networking, it is still criticized for being highly impersonal. However the new Co-working zones can introduce you to an inspirational environment surrounded by likely partners and potential leads, the practices of Idea sharing, Investors meet, and shared human resources are facilitated at WorkOPlace to bring opportunities along with it hope to the businesses lurking in losses.

Hygiene above all: Many online writers threw challenges such as concern for hygiene, post COVID -19, like all other industries. WorkOPlace has pepped up to tackle these concerns, in fact, it is safer than an independent office, A facial recognition entry point, laser scanner for temperature, remotely operated printers, protective gears to all office staffs, Authorised visitors entry, sanitization of the office premises and meeting rooms at regular intervals, and dedicated space to each individual are some of the regular checks to put doubts at bay.

There has been pent-up demand by start-ups for greater rental flexibility and other reasons stated above, The Covid-19 crisis has made these employers see the light, especially as they are the ones who are facing their business financial catastrophe from the frontline like they always do.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, many large companies slowly shifted their focus towards Co- working spaces to take advantage of their no mess flexible engagement terms, rather than spending on interiors and long term independent lease. Post COVID – 19 this is likely to continue perhaps even more rapidly. Since Co-working space is designed to accommodate rapid changes in the needs of their customers and addresses the needs of a lone entrepreneur’s requirement for functional office space, learning, and networking.

So, for all the brave employers who survived this challenging time and are prepared to return to your office jobs following Covid Crisis, your new Co working space “WorkOPlace” will be functional for a different future.

Pocket friendly and safer, too.

New Shades of Coworking

WorkOPlace is a brand new coworking space at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. We are loaded with newness, A Business Hub and A Startup Centre for creative budding entrepreneurs, freelancers, and Startup Teams to be super productive in realizing business dreams. Let’s look at how are we aimed to bring in “New Shades of Coworking Space”.

Office space needs of modern business professionals are unique, they look for highly connected, cost effective and ultra-modern work spaces. Coworking spaces engineered a cost-effective corporate office facility for freelancers, budding entrepreneurs, and startup CEOs. the coworking space industry expelled bottleneck business operational encumbrances for growth seekers.

“Best within Budget – The Manthra of Startups and Freelancers”

Fully equipped office space maintenance and operational cost is a stumbling block for the young CEOs and aspirant entrepreneurs. This expenditure depletes the major portion of the budget. The coworking space industry enabled these businesspersons to work from a fully equipped office space without time investment and by reducing the office maintenance budget.

WorkOPlace, bringing the new shades to the coworking nature. With a motto beyond furnishing facilities or coworking space for rent, we provide, seamless omnichannel customer-centric engagement services.


“The network is Nutrition for Business”

A self-organized professional network with a cluster of common interests would influence and help in the business journey. Undoubtedly, this is the need of the hour for every young CEO. At your private office, possibilities of meeting new brains and business thoughts are limited. Whereas, Coworking spaces open up countless opportunities to meet business professionals to be your future mentors, clients or partners.

WorkOPlace being founded by techies, synthesized with organization incubation and growth experience, we know-how connectivity with business community impacts the growth of an organization or individual. Hence, we organize seamless networking meetings, seminars and independent consulting forums that help you to cross every business milestone.

You join WorkOPlace as an individual “I” but later become a part of greater “We”.


WorkOPlace – The Newness in the Coworking world

WorkOPlace is not just another Coworking Space provider, we are bringing new shades to the Coworking Space industry with our unique business model which is beyond furnishing facilities.

Startup Centre:

Our mission is “Shaping the future of CoWorking”. As Techies and business leaders, we understand the push a startup leader looks for. WorkOPlace provides incubation and business consultations to budding entrepreneurs to succeed in realizing their business dreams. Please reach us out for more exciting information.

Client Engagement:

WorkOPlace is a human-centric coworking place. We provide a seamless omnichannel customer engagement platform for all coworkers. Our Client engagement model consists of Optimize for personalization, Technology-driven operations, partnering the growth by involving our clients in periodic workshops, seminars and training programs and many more.


We are a new coworking space in Hyderabad, located on Road No.36, Jubliee Hills, right next to Peddamma Temple metro station to ensure that every member commute to the office hassle-free. Also, located in the proximity of multiple eateries and shopping centres makes members to be in the most happening place to Work. We are two buildings away from Jubilee hills police station that makes us a highly secured premium office space.

Security and Safety:

WorkOPlace strives to provide safe and security of cowrokers, our premises are secured with an automatic log-in authentication machine. We use the “Facial Recognition System” as an access controller for our premises.

Our Amenities:

If an early bird or a night owl? We have work space for you. We provide round the clock (24/7) access to all of our clients. You can also choose to work in open co-working desks or Private cabins and offices. We provide you with a high-speed internet connection, Conference rooms, free beverages, printing and within the workspace cafeteria so that you don’t have to waste any minute of your precious time.

If you are an enterprise looking for managed and customized office space, Startup looking at Shared Office Space with incubation and business eco-centre or a freelancer in search of a creative place, WorkOPlace is your destiny.

‘WorkOPlace’ is a creative coworking space in Hyderabad, Our most significant objective is to make the ventures super productive with our new age business-friendly work environment. “Focus on your future, we furnish your facilities” is our mission. We bring-in New Shades to Coworking Industry. To know more click – WorkOPlace

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