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The Business Wheels Turn by Covid-19!

Office spaces have been visualized!

Though the business never runs on complete virtualization, we are carrying on, Coz, the entrepreneur’s gunpoint challenge during this pandemic is “Business Continuity”, more than New Business.

Test of times is for the Small & Medium enterprises and startups which doesn’t have sophisticated platform to completely work from home or remote work conditions to meet business deliverables.

The medium and large scale also have tug of war to work from lager and big office spaces, economy slow down forcing to cost cuttings, but nesting in a bigger office spaces is a bigger budget.

What is the arrow in the quiver to battle the times?

“Agility is the only way forward for business continuity” – Agility in office space management is going to play a bigger game in budget optimization.

WorkOPlace provides Agile Office Space Solutions to continue your business during this pandemic.

  1. Reduction in Overhead for Big Companies:

Functioning from WorkOPlace  is a COST SAVING MODEL for Companies. Instead of having to rent an office space, buy furniture, pay for utilities, buy office equipment, and baring maintenance cost with operational issues, Companies can just pay monthly rent against the number of desks you use and notice savings with best amenities and better services.

Pay for X & Use office space for X+5:

Why do you pay office rent for unused spaces, paying for unused desks, unused conference rooms and meeting rooms? WokOPlace Satellite Office Space Solutions enables you to optimize your resource commuting to office on rotational basis. Contact us from more details.

If your problem is office space need in budget, we have solutions for you

pay for x desks use it for x+5 people

  1. Cost Effective for Startups and Mid-Scale Companies:

WorkOPlace has Startup eco system in its DNA, we know the startup world. We engineered a cost-effective corporate office facility for freelancers, budding entrepreneurs and startup CEOs. Office space needs of modern business professionals are unique, they look for highly connected, cost effective and ultra-modern work spaces, thus Coworking Spaces became destiny.

We are a Startup – We know the startup world

Nest your company with us, we take care as we do ourselves

looking to cut down your office costs?

  1. Flexible Agreements and Pay-outs:

We offer month-to-month membership. This gives corporations a flexibility not found with traditional three- to five-year leases with heavy deposits and pay for unused whole floor, Its Pay as you as Use.

Pay as much you use the office space

Our Conference rooms are free for members

  1. Speedy expansion Satellite and Branch locations :

The goal of most businesses is to expand in order to earn more profits. Should you really have to pay office rent for future needs? Not a right plan at this testing times,  WorkOPlace provides you to add desks as per your needs in no times. Start with lesser to meet your budget optimization practices and expand as your business grows.

We need Agility in office space management as its pay-outs take away is bigger piece of cake.

We provide customized solutions for every office space need

WorkOPlace – Office Space for Everyone

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